About Us

About Us

The Unmasking Fidelity coalition, based in Boston with national support, is committed to challenging Fidelity Charitable’s role in funneling millions of dollars through Donor Advisor Funds to organizations that promote and further systemic oppression globally.

Contact us at UnmaskingFidelity2021@gmail.com

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Our History

In February 2019, we found out that millions of dollars in Fidelity Charitable’s Donor-Advised Fund were fueling anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-LGBTQ+ groups. We came together to form a coalition to get Fidelity to denounce their support of white supremacist and fascist violence, and to immediately implement a screen.

In the summer and fall of 2019 – we organized creative actions outside of Fidelity HQ, and delivered a letter to Fidelity executives. We asked Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson to adopt a moral clause that filters out groups who are involved in white supremacist violence. So far, she has refused. Fidelity Investments claims that “throughout Fidelity, you’ll find a genuine commitment to social responsibility.” And recently, Abigail Johnson claimed that she is “heartbroken and angry that racial discrimination and inequality continue to plague our society.”

In January 2021, we joined forces with ACRE in demanding Fidelity Charitable #StopFundingFascism in the wake of the January 6th insurrectionist attack on the Capitol. We are committed to exposing Fidelity Charitable’s role in enabling white supremacist violence, including the Capitol riots. Funding from Wall Street corporations like Fidelity Charitable supported the perpetrators of the insurrection. It’s past time for Fidelity Charitable to own up, yet they still haven’t responded to our letter.

In fall 2021, we relaunched our campaign with a more transformative vision and a focus on systemic oppression in the US and globally (learn more). We delivered a letter in Boston and Raleigh, with support from 40+ organizations and 1400 individuals, to Fidelity Charitable and Fidelity Investments leadership, demanding that they DISCLOSE total contributions to ten organizations, the fees they earned from those contributions, and policies related to their Donor Advised Fund program. Fidelity failed to respond after multiple attempts to contact them, so now it’s time for the People to Disclose. Learn more about our new report.