Our Demands + Visions

Our Demands

Fidelity must publicly DISCLOSE past contributions to organizations perpetuating white supremacy and fascism.

Fidelity must DIVEST from the violence of white supremacy and fascism by developing a public screening policy.

Fidelity must REPAIR this harm by redistributing these funds to the communities most impacted by white supremacist and fascist violence.

Our Vision

Our Role

Our campaign sits at the intersections of anti-fascist and anti-capitalist movements, with a particular focus on exposing and challenging the role of corporations and philanthropy in enabling systems of violence, white supremacy and fascism, both within the US and internationally. 

Our Approach

We believe that situating our campaign within broader local, national and international movements will ensure that we are fostering a long-term vision of the world we are building and ensure we are achieving non-reformist reforms.

Our Strategy

We are working to deplatform and cut off funding from Donor Advised Funds to organizations that further fascism, white supremacy and systemic violence, with the ultimate purpose of achieving material restitution/redistribution to the harm that’s been caused and preventing future harm, and ensuring that these organizations do not receive any future funding from Fidelity Charitable Donor Advised Funds or any other means. We recognize that other strategies and targets beyond our campaign will be required to fully shut down these organizations and uproot these systems.

Our Win

We are clear that winning parts or all of our demands will have a greater effect beyond our specific target, both in the possibilities for replication and in the reverberations it will have in corporate targeting and philanthropic accountability ecosystems.